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Reunification Counseling and How We Can Help You

Because everybody has diverse custodial situations, it can sometimes be difficult to assess what the next steps should be when a child has been separated from their parents for some time. These circumstances happen for a variety of reasons, including abuse, drug use situations, and relationships involving parental alienation. When a child has been separated… Continue reading →

Will Our Divorce be Fast Since we Have no Children?

Divorce can be complicated when children are involved, including aspects like custody decisions and child support where necessary. If you are going through the divorce process but have no children, you may believe that this takes away one of the layers of a “common” divorce by today’s standards. However, you may find that divorce is… Continue reading →

Is Divorce Always Financially Fair to Both Spouses?

When you are going through a divorce and trying to decide who gets what, this is where some of the biggest issues come into play. Dividing assets is a complicated process that goes smoothly when you and your ex-spouse can work together. Judges will urge you to work together because, until a final order is… Continue reading →

The Elements of Divorce: What It Can and Can’t Do

If you have started the divorce process, then you probably know what to expect when it comes to some aspects. You may know what friends or family have gone through in divorce, or have watched it happen on television – but are you prepared for your own? What should you expect and what shouldn’t you… Continue reading →

Do we Need Court if we Agree on Custody Terms?

In the eyes of the court, it is always a good thing when two parents are able to agree on what works for their children. This is why, when two parents are separating or thinking about separation, the courts encourage them to come to reasonable agreements that allow for specific parenting time and decision-making. It… Continue reading →

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Same-Sex Divorce: Why Mediation or Collaborative are the Best Options

When a couple decides to get a divorce, there are a few different options available for them to use. These options are as follows:   Litigation: The couple can decide to take their divorce and the issues involved in their divorce to a judge in order to attempt to divide their property and handle issues… Continue reading →

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Teen Lawsuit Against Parents For College Money

On March 4, 2014, Rachel Canning decided to sue her parent for child support and money to assist her in paying for her college tuition. Rachel is currently living in New Jersey and is 18 years old, which in most cases would make her unable to be entitled to any financial assistance from her parents… Continue reading →

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Suggestions For Reducing Conflict

Whether you’re struggling to make agreements in a hard divorce, navigating the struggles of co-parenting, or even dealing with a difficult workplace, knowing basic steps in conflict reduction and resolution is essential for a healthy success. Embrace it Conflict is not a bad thing. It may even be good for you, for your office, for… Continue reading →