How Relocation Laws Are Decided in Terms of Child Custody

When you have a child custody order in place with the other parent, a relocation can put a damper on things. Either from you or your spouse, this makes visitation much more difficult for your child, who will now be separated from the other parent for a certain amount of time. In many cases, one… Continue reading →

When a Parent is Being Inconsistent with Their Visitation

Even with court orders in place, you can’t always force a parent to show up. For many families across the country, it is a reality that some parents do not want to maintain consistent contact with their children when a relationship ends between two parents. Some parents actually choose to not engage in visitation entirely!… Continue reading →

My Ex Wants to Appeal Our Child Support Order… Can he?

If a judge handled your child support case in California, you may think that your order is final and can’t be changed. But suddenly, you find out that your ex does not agree with the order and wants it to be changed. Perhaps they believe that the judge was being unfair and that the order… Continue reading →

I Was Served Divorce Papers… Now What do I do?

If you have received divorce papers, you may not be thinking too clearly. You may be scared about the outcome of a divorce case and wonder how it will play out in terms of your assets, children, and other things that mean the most to you. Many people panic and think that they have to… Continue reading →

What is a Notice of Divorce or Summons, and How Does it Work?

Even though you may wish differently, it is not possible to file for divorce in secret. The process of divorce has to involve both parties to be fair to one another in this delicate time in your life. The other spouse must be notified when you file for divorce so that they can represent themselves… Continue reading →

Emotional Abuse in Your Relationship and Its Role in Divorce

When you want to divorce an emotionally abusive partner, you may think that these details will not have any effect on your divorce. However, this is far from the truth. The truth of the matter is that any type of abuse against a partner must be visited in divorce proceedings, especially in cases where assets… Continue reading →

Can a Child Make a Decision to Stop Visitation Altogether?

When your divorce is complete and you have a visitation plan set in place for your child or children, you may think that everything will go smoothly. But have you considered the fact that your child may not want to visit every time they are scheduled to do so? Today we share your rights as… Continue reading →

Ex Isn’t Paying Alimony: What Steps Can You Take?

Imagine this: You have been told you will receive alimony as part of your divorce settlement. Now picture a few months passing by and not receiving the alimony that you were promised. When your former spouse refuses to pay alimony, your first thought might be to speak with your family law attorney about what can… Continue reading →

Do we Need Court if we Agree on Custody Terms?

In the eyes of the court, it is always a good thing when two parents are able to agree on what works for their children. This is why, when two parents are separating or thinking about separation, the courts encourage them to come to reasonable agreements that allow for specific parenting time and decision-making. It… Continue reading →

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