When Your Ex Has Been Denying You Custody With Orders in Place

There are many instances in which an ex could break the court order that you’ve had established by the court. Let’s say, for instance, your ex prevents you from seeing your child even though you have joint custody. You may wonder if you can just go and pick your child up anytime, such as intervening… Continue reading →

False Financial Disclosures and How They Affect Your Divorce

Sometimes during a divorce, a spouse will realize that they need financial assistance and a financial data disclosure will take place. However, not every spouse will be forthcoming about the type of income or finances they have, which is when false data is provided to the court. This happens when a spouse hides marriage assets… Continue reading →

When the Parent Paying Child Support is in a Different State

Child support can be a confusing concept, especially if you have never dealt with it before now. But what happens when the paying spouse lives in a completely different state than you? Child support arguments are enforced out of state. We will help you understand these matters and how they relate to your support case…. Continue reading →

Division of Assets When You Are an Older Divorcing Couple

When you think of divorce, you probably picture a younger couple. However, this is not always the case, as sometimes older couples receive divorces as well. In fact, according to the Bowling Green State University, divorce rates for individuals 50 and older doubled between 1990 and 2010. A lot of these divorces happen to couples… Continue reading →

Does Child Support End if I Have my Child for a Period of Time?

With summer vacation comes many questions regarding your children, especially if this is your special time with them. Because of the extended time that your children may be spending with you, you may have an important question that has been on your mind: Can I get a suspension of child support when my child is… Continue reading →

What Are All the Different Aspects Prenuptial Agreements Cover?

What is a prenuptial agreement? It is a contract that you and your fiancé sign as a way to communicate specific needs, protect your assets, and ensure that your children receive an inheritance if something happens to you or your spouse. They are very broad as they cover many different topics that could be essential… Continue reading →

Can I Have Child Support Reduced if I Have Lost my Job?

When there have been changes in your financial situation, you are probably already aware that you can go back and modify your order. In many cases, this is done when you receive a new job and have a completely different salary. Sometimes, a modification is requested because you have a decrease in pay and can’t… Continue reading →

Protecting Gift Assets When You Are Going Through a Divorce

Let’s say that you have a grandparent that you are particularly close to, and they leave you a gift through inheritance that means the world to you. Flash forward a few years and you’ve got a marriage and an upcoming divorce that you believe may get kind of ugly. Because of this, you wonder if… Continue reading →

Coparenting: How to Share Parenting Expenses After Divorce

Sometimes, coparenting can lessen stress. Other times, it could add to it when you are at a crossroads with your ex and aren’t sure where to turn. One of the things that many couples, especially divorcing or divorced couples fight about, are issues involving money. Many parents may struggle at first to understand how they… Continue reading →

If we Share Joint Custody, Can Child Support be Determined?

If you share joint custody of your child with the other parent, you probably view this as having equal amounts of time with the child. However, you should be aware of the fact that state laws actually dictate whether or not you will receive child support, and how much you are entitled to. Even though… Continue reading →

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