Your Custody Case and Social Media: What You Should Never Do

A few years ago, before social media became as popular as it is today, attorneys and judges never had to speak a word about what you should do and shouldn’t do when it comes to your online information. Now, with divorce becoming a popular subject, social media plays a huge role in many matters of… Continue reading →

Moving Out: Is it Necessary or Unnecessary During Divorce?

You might have already found, while going through divorce, that it is normal to feel attached to your marital home. It’s where you built your life together in the amount of time you spent together, and you might not want to let go of that – but you also know that decisions must be made…. Continue reading →

I’m a Mother: How Do I Get Full Custody of My Child?

At one point in time, the court system had a biased stance on child custody and believed that the children always belonged with their mother in custody disputes. Today, the law sees it a bit differently and believes that it is in the best interests of the child to have both parents in their life…. Continue reading →

Asset Division in Divorce: How Does the Process Work?

You know how difficult divorce sounds when you have many assets that you care for. You also know that it will probably be a time-consuming process to lay everything out that means something to you from rental property and retirement, to pension plans and stocks. Many people believe that they only have to worry about… Continue reading →

Different Negotiations You Might See in Child Custody Cases

When it comes to child custody, you should start thinking about negotiations that might occur. In some cases, you might go through what are known as ‘formal negotiations,’ like those involving a mediator. However, sometimes, they may be a more informal matter where parents dicscuss what is going to happen amongst each other without the… Continue reading →

The Worry of Parental Abduction in Your Custody Case

When it comes to your custody case, you always want what is best for your child. What if there are dangers when it comes to the other parent in your custody matters?  You might be worried about the threat of parental abduction and the other spouse keeping your child from you as you are dealing… Continue reading →

What Do I Own When it Comes to Our Marital Property?

When it comes to marital property, many people find this to be a difficult point in their divorce. In the event of divorce, these matters become very important. – in fact, one of the biggest parts of divorce. How Marital Property is Divided Some states tend to follow the ‘common property’ rules. Many states, in fact,… Continue reading →

Splitting Debt: What Happens When a Spouse Won’t Pay?

It is difficult to break even in many divorces. This means that, when it comes to divorce, many people will have debts to pay off and might wonder how they can do so. If finances were an issue during your marriage, you might find that they are also an issue when it comes to your… Continue reading →

Is Collaborative Divorce the Best Option in My Divorce Case?

Many people are looking to reach a fair solution when it comes to their divorce case. Because of this, sometimes a divorce attorney will suggest a process known as ‘collaborative divorce.’ Many people enter into this process because they want to address more than just legal issues but also emotional aspects like the effect it… Continue reading →

Court-Ordered Counseling: What Plays a Role in My Divorce Case?

When it comes to divorce cases, judges understand that many elements are involved and they also understand that these cases can get tricky very fast. Because of this, judges believe that something known as court-ordered counseling is sometimes needed as a way to keep things neutral and help two divorcing spouses or parents through a difficult… Continue reading →

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