My Ex-Spouse is Disabled, How Will They Pay Child Support?

When it comes to child support, many things are cut and dry. For instance, parents know that they will be responsible for child support payments as a non-custodial parent and also know that they should never miss these payments. Perhaps when your child support payments first started out, everything was typical – but then a… Continue reading →

When One Grandparent Lives Far Away: Virtual Visitation

Many years ago, families used to tend to stick around one another in the same areas growing up. However, now families are branching out and you can find family members all over the globe. This is why, for some children, it is difficult to maintain a long-term relationship with grandparents that they do not see… Continue reading →

Pros and Cons of Getting a Prenup: Is it Right For You?

You have probably heard lots about the ‘prenuptial agreement,’ an agreement that is signed by a couple before they enter into a marriage. You may have seen them going terribly wrong on television shows or heard from a friend that they are great means for protection in your relationship, because you just never know what… Continue reading →

When Your Child Has Uninsured Medical Expenses

What happens if you have gone through a divorce and your child has uninsured medical expenses? This could become a matter of attention when you have entered the divorce process with your spouse and child support is in the works. Uninsured medical expenses are usually figured in with child support and are medical expenses that… Continue reading →

My Spouse is Trying to Delay the Inevitable: The Divorce Process

Divorce can be frustrating in many ways, but you know what is the most frustrating? When one spouse won’t comply, either by spite or because they claim that they don’t have the time to deal with it, or because they don’t want to get divorced. The divorce process is streamlined to benefit both you and… Continue reading →

Should You Tell Your Children the Details of Your Divorce?

There are some things you don’t want to tell your children when you are going through divorce. For instance, you don’t want to tell them that their father is living with another woman, or that their mother has a drinking problem and that is the reason for the split. These subjects are very taboo, and… Continue reading →

What Happens to a Military Pension When Going Through Divorce?

What happens if you married somebody in the military? Generally, as determined by law, you also adopt their pension and other benefits, which become part of the marriage. Nobody who gets married believes that their relationship will ever end in divorce; however, when it does, you and your spouse may wonder about what happens to… Continue reading →

When You Are an Unmarried Father, What Are Your Rights?

If you are the biological parent of a child, you have a right to seek reasonable visitation or child custody as it pertains to that child. This applies even to parents who were not married when the child was born. The courts usually look at it this way: Having both parents in the child’s life… Continue reading →

Can We Receive Default Judgment in Our Divorce Case?

First of all: What is a default judgment? When you are involved in a divorce case, you expect everything to go smoothly and for your spouse to cooperate. When you serve your spouse with a petition, you expect them to answer is within your state’s time limits because this is how your case moves forward…. Continue reading →

What You Can Do if Filing Taxes While Going Through a Separation

We know that everything dealing with your separation is important to you, because you want to know what you should and shouldn’t do. When you are faced with filing taxes while separated from your spouse, you will either file ‘married filing jointly’ or ‘married filing separately.’ You should know the benefits and losses of choosing… Continue reading →

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