How Viable are Cohabitation Agreements? Are They for me?

Marriage is a legal contract between two people and, for people who do not want this option, cohabitation agreements exist. Unmarried couples need the same option to be able to create a contract amongst themselves that will define rights and obligations that each partner owes to one another. These contracts help you understand one another… Continue reading →

Rights of a Parent Who Remains Absent After Divorce

Many people think that, just because a parent is absent, they no longer have parental rights. However, this could not be farther from the truth because all biological parents have a fundamental right to parent their children. This means that, if you are a biological parent, you have the right to make legal and medical… Continue reading →

Is There Any Way That I Can Appeal a Custody Decision?

Child custody is an important issue to you and your family because you want what is best for your child in all circumstances. When you go to court and don’t receive the results you wanted, you may think that modification is the only option you have – however, such a thing exists as an appeal…. Continue reading →

Do’s and Don’ts: Cohabitation and if It’s the Choice for You

If you choose not to get married but you want to live together, cohabitation may sound like the thing for you. There is a deep interest in cohabitation in our modern times because people are afraid that their marriage will collapse, due to the high divorce rates in the U.S. Some people may feel like… Continue reading →

Domestic Violence: Should You Report and Document Abuse?

When you are being physically or emotionally abused, you should always report the abuse to have documentation in your case down the road. If you are going through the divorce process and you have suffered from domestic violence, reporting can help you make your case and show clear evidence when you are dealing with custody… Continue reading →

Paternity and the Various Types of Fathers in a Custody Situation

If there is no agreement between you and the father of your child, you or the father will have to bring a paternity suit to identify the father of your child. In many cases, paternity suits are used as a way to establish financial responsibility or gain visitation rights between parents. Biological Fathers: The Only… Continue reading →

Parental Alienation, PAS, and the Outcome of Your Custody Case

Parental alienation not only determines the outcome of your case in many circumstances, but it also has a direct impact on the child involved in the dispute in negative ways. Divorces that are high in conflict are more likely to exhibit parental alienation, which can make or break your case when you put your child… Continue reading →

Does the Length of a Marriage Have an Impact on Alimony?

The circumstances of your case will determine whether or not you will receive alimony, or spousal support, after a divorce. The length of your marriage will help determine many aspects of your case, including how much alimony you will get – if at all. But first, you should understand that there are two types of… Continue reading →

What Happens When Your Spouse Doesn’t Show up to Court?

To have your divorce process move quickly and efficiently, you already know that it takes the cooperation of two. In some cases, you may find that your spouse does not want to go through with the divorce and so they disappear in the middle of proceedings, which can make your case complicated and make you… Continue reading →

Collecting Evidence When You May Have a Child Neglect Case

At The Law Offices of Amy M. Montes, we understand that your family law case is extremely important, especially when it involves your children. This is why, if you believe child neglect or abuse is taking place, it is important to gather as much evidence as necessary to make your case. This will not only… Continue reading →

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