Judges or Parents: Who Determines Reasonable Visitation?

When it comes to your child custody issues, one of the major aspects you might be thinking about is the determination of reasonable visitation and how much the other parent is going to see your child. The process of visitation can sometimes be a difficult one, because one parent may want more time with the… Continue reading →

How Retirement Plans Are Typically Divided in a Divorce

When it comes to your assets and divorce, you want what’s best for you and your family. Retirement plans between you and your ex matter a lot to you, which is why you want to understand what will happen when you and your ex get a divorce. Retirement savings happen to be some of the… Continue reading →

When Shared, 50/50 Custody is Right and When It Isn’t

What does it mean when you have shared custody with your ex-spouse? Shared (also known as joint) custody is when the custody arrangements are split as evenly as possible between each parent. This means that you are typically sharing time with the child in equal measure, or whichever arrangement works for you to get as… Continue reading →

Protecting Yourself, Assets and More During Divorce

You and your spouse are going through the divorce process and it has proven that it is not an easy experience. As much as you always thought and promised that you would trust your spouse, everything is up in the air when it comes to divorce and how easily the tables can turn during this… Continue reading →

My Ex-Spouse is Disabled, How Will They Pay Child Support?

When it comes to child support, many things are cut and dry. For instance, parents know that they will be responsible for child support payments as a non-custodial parent and also know that they should never miss these payments. Perhaps when your child support payments first started out, everything was typical – but then a… Continue reading →

When One Grandparent Lives Far Away: Virtual Visitation

Many years ago, families used to tend to stick around one another in the same areas growing up. However, now families are branching out and you can find family members all over the globe. This is why, for some children, it is difficult to maintain a long-term relationship with grandparents that they do not see… Continue reading →

Pros and Cons of Getting a Prenup: Is it Right For You?

You have probably heard lots about the ‘prenuptial agreement,’ an agreement that is signed by a couple before they enter into a marriage. You may have seen them going terribly wrong on television shows or heard from a friend that they are great means for protection in your relationship, because you just never know what… Continue reading →

When Your Child Has Uninsured Medical Expenses

What happens if you have gone through a divorce and your child has uninsured medical expenses? This could become a matter of attention when you have entered the divorce process with your spouse and child support is in the works. Uninsured medical expenses are usually figured in with child support and are medical expenses that… Continue reading →

My Spouse is Trying to Delay the Inevitable: The Divorce Process

Divorce can be frustrating in many ways, but you know what is the most frustrating? When one spouse won’t comply, either by spite or because they claim that they don’t have the time to deal with it, or because they don’t want to get divorced. The divorce process is streamlined to benefit both you and… Continue reading →

Should You Tell Your Children the Details of Your Divorce?

There are some things you don’t want to tell your children when you are going through divorce. For instance, you don’t want to tell them that their father is living with another woman, or that their mother has a drinking problem and that is the reason for the split. These subjects are very taboo, and… Continue reading →

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