Parent Signing Over Parental Rights to Evade Child Support

Can the father of your child sign over their parental rights to evade child support? Today we examine this and many other issues that deal with parental rights and termination through an FAQ that will answer all of your burning questions. Parental Rights and Termination FAQ Can termination of parental rights be voluntary or involuntary?… Continue reading →

As a Divorcing Wife, Should my Husband Pay Legal Fees?

With divorce accruing fees in many different areas, you may be overwhelmed at legal fees and what effect they are having on your life and finances. Does this mean that you can force your husband to pay for your legal fees throughout the divorce? Unfortunately, no, and if they are unwilling to help, this does… Continue reading →

Helping You Become Prepared for Your First Custody Hearing

Of course, one of the best ways that you can become prepared for your custody hearing is to hire an experienced attorney that can help you in the midst of your divorce issues. Despite the fact that you should always work with an attorney if there are complicated matters in your case, but that does… Continue reading →

How do You Divide Property and Debt During a Divorce?

How do you determine how property and debt is divided during and after your divorce has been finalized? What happens in regards to your marital home? Unfortunately, it is not easy to see the answers to these seemingly simple questions when you first enter into the divorce process. This is why it is always a… Continue reading →

When Separation is the Best Option and How the Process Works

It can be a very complicated process to decide whether legal separation or divorce is best for you. Weighing your options will only help you in the end, when you must consider things like custody, assets, and where you want to live. How are the two different? Why will a separation work best for you?… Continue reading →

Answers on the Rights You Have During Legal Separation

You may be seeking a legal separation from your spouse to protect your interests, help your financial situation, and more. Even when separation is at the forefront of decisions between you and your spouse, you may wonder what rights you will have when a legal separation takes place. We have answers for you. Rights During… Continue reading →

Paternity: Everything You Need to Know in California

You may have some questions about the establishment of paternity and we can help. We believe that establishing paternity can be extremely useful to you in your family law case, and a big step for you and your child. This is why it is important to talk to us as soon as possible to find… Continue reading →

What Are my Rights in a Divorce with Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence in marriages is a very real issue, and something that is sadly overlooked all too often. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has found that a woman is assaulted or beaten in the U.S. every 9 seconds, and domestic violence hotlines get about 28,000 calls each day. In many of these situations, there… Continue reading →

Adoption Court Laws: Everything You Need to Know

You may be ready for adoption court in your own personal case, but is anybody ever as prepared as they had hoped? Because adoption court laws can be tricky and we want the best outcome for your case, we have devised some important questions and answers that can guide you through this difficult time. FAQs… Continue reading →

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