If we Share Joint Custody, Can Child Support be Determined?

If you share joint custody of your child with the other parent, you probably view this as having equal amounts of time with the child. However, you should be aware of the fact that state laws actually dictate whether or not you will receive child support, and how much you are entitled to. Even though… Continue reading →

How You Can Add Flexibility to Your Parenting Plan

Flexibility is one of the most important tactics to use in your life, from planning your own schedule to planning events at work. It is also important to remember flexibility when you are coming up with the perfect parenting plan for your children, as parents tend to do during the summer months. The problem lies… Continue reading →

Custody and Visitation Schedule Guidelines in California

In California, the courts urge parents to conduct something known as a “custody or visitation agreement” or a parenting plan. These plans are a written agreement among parents on two major aspects of parenting schedules: time-sharing, and decision-making. This means that, with the help of these schedules, you will better understand when your child will… Continue reading →

Avoiding Competition in Coparenting and Planning the Best Summer

Summer vacation can sometimes be difficult to plan – now add in a divorce and you have one confusing summer. Some parents are unsure of where to turn when they are planning summer for the first time since their divorce. The season is supposed to be one of fun, relaxation, and excitement, so we will… Continue reading →

Considering a Child’s Age When You Create a Parenting Plan

If you are going through a divorce, you probably already understand what a parenting plan is and how it works to create a schedule between you and your ex-spouse. When children are at their youngest, it is always a good idea to keep separation time from the mother and father as small as possible. The… Continue reading →

Are You Ever Able to Drop Charges of Domestic Violence?

If you were the victim in a domestic violence case, you may be confused and scared about many of the matters you are dealing with in your daily life – especially if your abuser is also your spouse. In some situations, your spouse may have been reported to the police even if you didn’t want… Continue reading →

How to be a More Effective Parent: What You Should Consider

Being a parent can be one of the hardest things in the world – but it is also the most rewarding. There are some things that you should consider when you are raising and encouraging children of your own, especially if you are going through a divorce. These steps are important to consider. Raising Children … Continue reading →

How to Include the Children in a Summer Coparenting Plan

As we all know, children do best with routine and structure in their lives. Sometimes, with a court-ordered custody plan, children miss out on vital time around the year with one parent. This is why, during the summer months, it is imperative that children get to spend time with both of their parents to maintain… Continue reading →

Are There Limits on the Rights of Grandparents in California?

In California, grandparents may have rights when it comes to visitation or custody of a child. Under the state’s laws, a grandparent is permitted to ask the court for reasonable visits with a grandchild in their life. However, the court must first find that there is a pre-existing relationship between the child and grandparent, and… Continue reading →

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