What to Expect From Your Emergency Custody Hearing

There are many types of custody situations involving the courts. When you feel as if it’s time to return to court to work around some of the issues in your case, you may file for a modification to raise these issues and get a new order. However, what happens if you have an emergency situation,… Continue reading →

How Joint Custody is Making Some Custody Situations Fair

Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, you and your ex-spouse may be looking for the custodial situation that makes time and dedication to your child “fair” between the two of you. When you enter into a joint legal custody situation, you are deciding to share the responsibilities between yourselves for the best interest of… Continue reading →

Reunification Counseling and How We Can Help You

Because everybody has diverse custodial situations, it can sometimes be difficult to assess what the next steps should be when a child has been separated from their parents for some time. These circumstances happen for a variety of reasons, including abuse, drug use situations, and relationships involving parental alienation. When a child has been separated… Continue reading →

Can You Reinstate Your Parental Rights After Termination?

In some states, parental termination may not be the end-all to rights. Sometimes, a parent could gain their rights back under certain circumstances even after the court has officially terminated these rights. However, the parent must be able to show certain standards, such as an improvement in their day-to-day lifestyles and ability to care for… Continue reading →

Custody Disputes When Your Child Has Medical Issues

If you are going through a custody battle with your ex and your child has medical issues, you probably already understand that this is a difficult and stressful situation for all parties involved. As a caring parent, you understand that your child’s health is top priority, from any future surgeries or medications that they may… Continue reading →

Will Our Divorce be Fast Since we Have no Children?

Divorce can be complicated when children are involved, including aspects like custody decisions and child support where necessary. If you are going through the divorce process but have no children, you may believe that this takes away one of the layers of a “common” divorce by today’s standards. However, you may find that divorce is… Continue reading →

Everything You Need to Know About Paternity Testing

At The Law Offices of Amy M. Montes, we represent both men and women who are bringing forth paternity actions with California courts and wish to stand by your side during this time. However, there are some things you may not know in-depth in regards to paternity, which we will help you understand before you… Continue reading →

Spousal Support: From Missed Payments to Changing an Order

Picture this: You and your spouse are going through divorce, but you aren’t sure how you’re going to financially support yourself when the divorce is finished. Because of this, the court will order something known as spousal support (or alimony), which orders the other partner to pay a certain amount of support each month. We… Continue reading →

Is Divorce Always Financially Fair to Both Spouses?

When you are going through a divorce and trying to decide who gets what, this is where some of the biggest issues come into play. Dividing assets is a complicated process that goes smoothly when you and your ex-spouse can work together. Judges will urge you to work together because, until a final order is… Continue reading →

Should I Keep the House When Going Through a Divorce?

When you are going through divorce, the one thing you probably yearn for is stability in your life. This is why, when many people are faced with the difficult decision of keeping their house, they are unsure of which direction to turn. There are some important decisions for you to consider when you are going… Continue reading →

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