Ways to Protect Your Children in the Midst of a Divorce

When you are involved in a divorce, you might be thinking about all of the stressful aspects involved, like ensuring that your assets are protected and figuring out how alimony will come into play. If children are involved in your marriage, this is one of the most important things that you will encounter in your… Continue reading →

Complications You Can Find in High-Net Worth Divorce Cases

Is every divorce easy? Or are problems expected to occur in divorce, which is why you should be prepared for everything? When it comes to high-net worth divorce cases, there are many complications that you might experience, as these cases involve many different aspects than other divorce cases. When the finances are high, the tension… Continue reading →

Issues That You Must Avoid in a High Net Worth Divorce

If you are going through a high net worth divorce, you might find that you have to tread carefully to protect your assets from harm. The decisions you make could have an impact on your life and finances for years to come, which is why you don’t want to handle your case alone. Doing so… Continue reading →

Protecting Your Business Assets When Going Through a Divorce

Divorce is not always an easy thing, and this is especially true if you maintain a business with your ex-spouse. You want to do whatever it takes to protect your business assets when you are going through a difficult time that can be financially taxing on you and your spouse. What are some ways that… Continue reading →

When Child Support Guidelines Might Not Completely Follow Your Case

You probably know that each state has a formula for calculating how much child support is owed to a custodial parent. Judges will consider many factors including which parent pays for the majority of aspects, who takes care of health insurance and the ages of the children. But did you know that sometimes those child… Continue reading →

Managing Finances During Divorce: Some Tips to Consider

What is one of the most difficult parts of divorce? Managing finances, especially when you have worked diligently to build up your assets that mean so much to you. You want to ensure that everything is accounted for when it comes to your divorce, even when it doesn’t seem so simple. We want to help… Continue reading →

Retirement Accounts and Divorce: How to Make the Division

You have probably considered all of your assets before you even made the decision to file for divorce. But now that things have become more real and the end goal is in mind, you have to consider many other aspects – including your retirement accounts. Retirement accounts are generally viewed as marital assets and, because… Continue reading →

Amicable Divorce: What is it and How Do You Have One?

What is amicable divorce? Often times, when you hear of divorce, you think about how heated the process can become and how difficult decisions are when you have many harsh issues to deal with. You don’t want your divorce to become a drawn-out brawl, which is why you want to go through amicable divorce. Amicable… Continue reading →

Readying Yourself and Your Financial Situation During Divorce

When finances are important to you and you are attempting to retain as many rights to your earnings and keep your life healthy and stable after divorce, you might start looking into what your financial situation will look like. Some people cannot be prepared for the emotions and financial turmoil that sometimes comes with divorce,… Continue reading →

What Are Some Factors That Might Affect My Alimony Payments?

You might think that alimony is standard for anybody and that every spouse should expect the same amount in alimony payments, but this is not true. There are actually many factors that are taken into consideration when the courts are determining what you should receive as your monthly payment, based on what they think is… Continue reading →

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